How to Find Affordable Silage Covers

37 - How to Find Affordable Silage CoversSilage making is the way to survive in the ever competitive livestock business. Livestock farming is a competitive and profitable venture, but the uncertainties are also many. If you don’t plan well, you will only make losses. But what is the secret? Well, with the ever-changing and unpredictable weather, there is no better way to be ready for the unseen than preserving enough feeds. With enough feeds, you can be sure to battle any weather changes that may affect feed availability.

When we talk of feeds preservation, the most common and effective way is silage making. Silage is rich in nutrients and can stay fresh for up to 12 months. This, therefore, means that you can always pan a year ahead regarding feeds availability and this is the best strategy to survive in livestock farming. But what does it take to make quality silage? Among the many things that you need are silage covers. Gone are the days when silage making was all about using silage pits. Even though you can use the same method today, the process is better and mechanised. You can use the silage film to cover the silage pits, or you can use these covers entirely. When using the silage film only, you only need to prepare the silage content, and the lay in on a silage film and cover with the same.

If you’re considering preserving silage using silage film, then you should know that silage covers are not of the same quality as the silage film. These are high-quality films that are tear resistant, waterproof, UV stable, stretch free, airtight, etc. and all these make them suitable for silage preservation. Therefore, as you shop for quality silage film, be sure to check for these features as failure to do so, you will have a low-quality film which will affect the quality of your feeds.

When shopping for quality silage film, am sure the main concern is the price. Well, though these covers aren’t cheap, there are ways of getting affordable silage covers without compromising on quality. One way of getting affordable covers is to shop online. By buying online, you have the chance to browse from many dealers, and you’re sure to find a dealer that is offering discounts or end of year offers. By comparing prices, you will discover baling suppliers dealer offering the best prices. Another way to source quality silage film is to purchase in bulk. By ordering in bulk, you will enjoy the wholesale price and make significant savings. Also, by buying from a supplier that offer delivery services, you will save resources, and this adds up to cost saving.