Important Steps in Executing a proper Asbestos Inspection Adelaide

12 300x199 - Important Steps in Executing a proper Asbestos Inspection AdelaideIf you spot the presence of asbestos inside your home, you must call for professional asbestos testing and remove services right away. However, keep in mind that these firms will only respond if you can guarantee that it’s 100% asbestos and not a false alarm. If you’re unsure if it’s asbestos, you can call for aspects of inspection services. However, if they’re unavailable, you’ll need to learn how to conduct an asbestos inspection Adelaide by yourself. wants to make sure that you know how to check for asbestos on your own. Follow these important steps to help you execute asbestos inspection on your own the right way.


Step 1: Check for Signs of Asbestos

First, know the year when your home or building was built. Here’s a bit of history – asbestos was a well-used construction material that was popular between the late 1920s to the early 1980s. It was later found to be dangerous to people’s health; thus, it was banned from use. However, many homes that were built during that era will still have a presence of asbestos. So, if your home was built during that period, make sure you check the following areas for any sign of asbestos: flooring, pipes, walls, textured paints, insulation, shingles, electric wiring, and fireproofing materials.


Step 2: Inspect Prospective Areas

Hire professional asbestos testing services. You can go to for immediate assistance. Have their experts handle the suspected area to ensure your safety. We know we said that you could do it by yourself, but we’d like to emphasise that nothing beats professional work. But if you want to do it by yourself, you can access our comprehensive guide to DIY asbestos testing; although we highly discourage you from doing it since asbestos is a dangerous material to deal with.


Step 3: Dealing with Asbestos

While you wait for the asbestos testing firm to arrive, you need to know several essential reminders when dealing with a dangerous substance like asbestos. First, isolate the area of suspected asbestos. Don’t let your kids or pets enter that portion of the house; keep them in a safe, asbestos-free room. Keep the area with asbestos locked and closed to avoid asbestos fibres from getting into the air and spreading all over your home.


Always keep in mind that asbestos inspection Adelaide should be handled by professionals. So, if you want your home tested, visit now to schedule an appointment.