Benefits of Stockinette Bags for Your Meat Processing Needs

If you’re a meat processor who’s looking to improve your workflow, you might want to think about using stockinette bags for your machines. These reusable bags are made of a thick, breathable vinyl material designed to make it easy for you to stack and sort your stock on your machines without contaminating the actual meat. And thanks to this reusable nature, you’ll never be faced with the problem of running out of room when you need to do some last-minute packing or sorting.

77 300x168 - Benefits of Stockinette Bags for Your Meat Processing NeedsThe idea behind stockinette machinery is simple: Instead of handling the raw meat in its carcass, the meat is processed through a series of cutting and stacking processes. The equipment’s actual movements are automated, so you don’t have to worry about actually moving the carcasses around while you run your machinery. Stockinette bags for the meat processing industry provide an easy way to manage your stock so that you can spend your time working on other aspects of your business. 

Below are a few of the benefits of these reusable bags for your meat processing needs:

* SpeedStockinette bags for the meat processing industry to allow you to get more finished products done faster. Because the meat goes through the entire cutting and packing process inside these bags, there’s no longer a need to worry about slicing the carcass up into smaller pieces. Rather than waiting until the next day to do this, you can get more carcasses out the door the same day. Just load more stock into the machines, and you’ll be good to go. You’ll also save money on your warehouse fees by not buying more bags to store the extra stock.

* Organise – For the meat processing industry, keeping things organised is very important. Stockinette bags make it easy to keep a steady stream of stock coming through the doors. You can label the bags, place price tags on them, or even hang them up if the floor is too high. No matter the situation, the stockinette bags are the perfect way to keep things organised since you can easily take out that stock goes where you’re ready to release it.

* Reduced Waste – It’s always a good idea to use as much of your overall production space as possible, and this includes your stockinette bags. By using stockinette instead of conventional chopping blocks, you’ll save a lot of time and money. Not only will you save time on chopping and bagging, but you’ll also avoid a lot of waste by reducing the amount of waste that comes from large portions of meat going to waste. Instead, you can put it all in the stockinette, keeping it neatly organised and available for use.

There are plenty of other uses for stockinette meats, too. Some companies use them to hold loose change, such as for customers’ registers or at their cash registers. Other companies use them as an alternative for lifting crates of merchandise since the stockinette allows for lifting the unit’s entire weight, rather than just a portion of it. Finally, some companies use stockinettes for stocking shelves since they’re perfectly suited for hanging on the back of shelves and storing any excess items that don’t have a place on the floor. No matter what your use is, you’re sure to benefit from stockinette meats’ practicality and efficiency.