Is the Milwaukee Brushless Kit Worth the Cost? Find More Info Here

96 293x300 - Is the Milwaukee Brushless Kit Worth the Cost? Find More Info HereBrushless motor technology has been all the rage in the power tool industry, particularly on the cordless lineup. Every major manufacturer is now selling a brushless lineup of tools. Brands such as Milwaukee are already showcasing their top-of-the-line power tools by introducing their new list of brushless tool kits. But is the Milwaukee brushless kit, and all other brushless tools for that matter, worth it? Find more info as you continue reading this article.


Brushless motors aren’t relatively new to the power tool industry. There have been attempts at this type of innovation for years. But after Milwaukee, DeWalt and Makita have launched their version of a full-blown lineup of power tools, the race for supremacy was on. Each of their brushless kits offers tools that feature powerful battery platforms, with Milwaukee’s brushless kit leading the pack with their lithium-ion-powered battery packs.


Brushed Vs. Brushless Motor Tools

There’s a significant structural difference between a brushed and brushless motor. For tools with a brushless motor, the motor will adjust accordingly to the task. The more resistance a brushless saw or drill senses, the more power it will draw.

Conversely, a lack of resistance means little power will be used. A standard brushed motor, on the other hand, will always max out on whatever speed or strength it’s set at; making it a less energy-efficient option among the two. Find more info here about brushless and brushed motors.



A brushless motor also doesn’t have the voltage drop or friction that a standard motor deals with, which increases the lifespan of the motor and improves its overall performance. So with so many benefits and advantages, you may wonder why not all cordless tools switch to brushless motors? The primary reason why cordless brushed motors are still relevant is due to the cost.


Yes, there’s an added cost to the construction and design of tools included in brushless tools. The main reason for the price increase is due to the motor size and advanced electronics that are required to manage the motors correctly. The Milwaukee brushless kit and all other brushless tools are 30 per cent more expensive than standard cordless tools. However, the amount of comfort and control that they offer is an appealing aspect to tradespeople. It’s ideal for professionals who work with their tools every day and need to maximize their performance on every job.


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