Achieving Success in Palm Tree Pruning

One of the essential things about palm tree pruning is that it must be done well in advance of any other kind of pruning. These trees need to be pruned early on because they are usually very susceptible to diseases and pests, and the sooner they are pruned, the better. It is not advisable to undertake palm tree pruning at the wrong time; however, so it is essential to consult a professional first and learn the dos and don’ts of this often neglected task.

Pruning a palm tree begins with the removal of the dead or damaged portions of the trunk and leaves, followed by trimming the branches and scabbing out any insects that may have caused damage. Cleaning and applying a protective coating is next, and this is followed by mulching and feeding.

Article 8 300x212 - Achieving Success in Palm Tree PruningPruning your palm tree properly means ensuring that the tips of the branches are clipped back to the minimum, leaving enough branches left for new growth. But you must ensure that the full length of the branches is covered and cleaned regularly so that there no longer is standing water or any bacteria that can cause problems later on.

It is as well crucial to guarantee that there is adequate soil coverage around the branch tips so that the natural oils from the leaves stay on the branches and not anywhere else in the tree. It is the best way to keep the sap from leaking onto the ground below.

Many sap problems can afflict palm trees, and these include either the appearance of fungus colonies or tree sap leaking from beneath the bark. The problem must be rectified early on and not left to build up.

To minimise the effects of both of these problems, it is vital to hire a Palm Tree Pruning Expert Perth that is experienced in the maintenance of these types of trees. If it is your first time pruning one of these magnificent trees, then the cheapest method is probably to do it yourself using a leaf hanger.

When the leaves begin to bend down, they will drag the bark along, and this can create a small gap underneath where water can form under the bark. It is particularly common in shaded trees, so your chances of this happening to you are relatively high.

Sap from this situation can drip from the gap and can cause quite a mess in the tree’s crown. It can cause leaves to die off and may lead to the tree dying of an otherwise treatable disease.

But before you start pruning, ensure that you know exactly how much sap you need to remove before you reach the point where you begin to remove the leaves and branches. It would be best if you also ascertained that all dead or damaged portions of the tree are gone before you start pruning the tree.

Pruning a palm tree should be done early on before the sap starts to affect the tree. Because of the many diseases that can affect them, it is essential to know exactly what to do and when, and there is no substitute for experienced handiwork from a Palm Tree Pruning Expert Perth.

You are taking care of these trees early on means that you can avoid many of the problems that are likely to occur later on. It is also essential to keep in mind that if you do your research, you will find many different techniques and opinions on pruning palm trees.