How A Child Speech Therapist Adelaide Can Help Your Child

As children grow to develop into the best version of themselves, they will first encounter certain communication and speaking problems. While this is a natural process that youngsters go through, it can alter your child’s development if you don’t find a solution to help them overcome their speaking and communication issues.

They may develop stutters, have issues chewing or trouble pronouncing certain words. All of this can be solved through a comprehensive child speech therapy, carried on by a capable child speech therapist Adelaide. If you’re wondering what this capable specialist can do to your child, here’s a list of benefits that you can expect from them:

Develop Articulation/ Speech Intelligibility

Articulation is the ability to move your lips, tongue, palate, and jaw (articulators) to produce speech sounds called phonemes. For example, articulating the /b/ sound requires us to inhale then exhale while turning our voice on, bringing our slightly-tensed lips together to halt and accumulate the airflow, releasing the trapped air by paring the lips.

On the other hand, speech intelligibility refers to how well people understand your child’s structures of speech. If a child’s articulation is flawed for some reason, his speech clarity will reduce compared to other children of his or her age. A child speech therapist Adelaide can work with your child to help them learn how to produce the specific speech sounds or sound patterns that they are having a hard time. It increases his or her overall speech intelligibility.

Expressive Language Skills

While the concept of speech involves the ability to talk, language is a symbolic system of conveying a message. In standard English, these symbols can be words, either written or spoken. We also have gestural symbols like nodding our heads to indicate agreement or saying “yes.” or clenching our fists to tell that we’re “angry” or “frustrated.” A child speech therapist Adelaide can help your child learn new words and put them together to create sentences and phrases, enabling them to communicate effectively to you and other people. They will also help your child learn how to execute the right gestures in various situations.

Take Your Child to A Speech Therapist Now!

Speech therapy covers a wide range of training that will improve the way your child speaks, communicates and interacts with other people. With the right speech therapists, they will grow up to become expert communicators, using the proper techniques at the right time. Call our hotline today to book an appointment with one of our speech therapists.