The Significance of Recycling Baling Twine

Balers twine is used in farms for various purposes. Most farmers use this product to wrap hay bales. Others use it to create other products that can be further utilised in farm activities. Did you know that there is an option to recycle this farm tool? What makes UNIPAK Baling Twine recycling important today?


The increased use of plastics around the world has largely affected the environment. Whether we like it or not, our use of plastic products has degraded the quality of the environment we live in. Thanks to the establishment of groups and companies that recycle plastics, we have a chance to restore our planet even if it takes many years to do so.



One of the most popular plastic products is baling twine. It is an essential tool in farming. Without UNIPAK Baling Twine, it can be hard to wrap hay bales and other agricultural products. The question is, what do you do with the twine after use?


Studies reveal that many farmers still do not dispose of their used plastic properly. You don’t have to be part of that circle. Instead, you can join the growing list of environmentally-conscious farms that provide high-quality products and at the same support the cause for preserving what’s left of our beautiful planet.


90 - The Significance of Recycling Baling TwineThe next time you dump your used baling twine in a landfill, or you think of burning them up, consider recycling. Bring your used cords to local recycling plants. Most factories make use of recycling processes that do not harm the environment further.


Recycling has a ripple effect on the industry. Ever since farmers started surrendering used balers twine to factories that repurpose plastics, other related segments have been following suit. If you start doing this much for your local community, others who share the same boat will follow your example.


Did you know that improper disposal of baling twine has caused bird and turtle deaths around the world? Many birds get caught up in the nets. Most of them get sick, and several die slow deaths. Farmers who throw twines in the ocean also increase the risk of killing turtles and other marine creatures.


Farming can be done without putting other creatures at risk. If you’re the first farmer to opt for recycling, you’re doing great! Don’t worry if others think it’s a waste of time to gather your used baling twine. It won’t make you less of a businessman or a person if you try to help cure the environment in the ways you know.


Join the growing list of farmers who have genuine goals to help restructure the environment. Recycle your used baling twine!