Top Ten Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your Child In a Daycare Centre

When it’s time to put your child in daycare/childcare centre Adelaide, there is some homework involved. Here are ten safety tips that are helpful when looking for a preschool or daycare centre.


  1. Take the time to make sure the program is reputable and if the installation has had any previous complaints, whether with parents, former teachers or caregivers. You also want to know about existing teachers.


  1. Talk to other parents about where they bring their children. They will let you know if they have a pleasant experience. They will also tell you which ones to avoid.


  1. If you just moved into the neighbourhood, go to the pediatrician in the area. They know everybody! They have a pulse in the community. The nurses and doctors can give great referrals, but they can be super busy. However, the receptionists will have time to answer your questions.


  1. Learn about the centre’s hiring policies and practices. Find out if they review an applicant’s referrals, run background checks, and check previous work history before hiring.


  1. 66 300x200 - Top Ten Tips to Ensure the Safety of Your Child In a Daycare CentreLearn whether the daycare/childcare centre Adelaide welcomes and supports parental involvement. Depending on your availability, you might want to be able to spend some time with your child doing activities at the centre.


  1. Make sure you have the right to visit the premises at any time. Be informed of the rules and policies of the centre.


  1. Make sure you are also informed about each planned field and outbound trip. Never give the centre the general permission to remove him or her from the facility.


  1. Make sure the facility seeks signed permission from you to post your child’s photo to any local newspaper for ads, promotions or any use. And it’s definitely okay if you don’t have to have your child’s picture in the paper for his or her safety.


  1. Expressly, in writing, prohibit the release of your child to anyone without your explicit consent. Make sure the program knows who will pick up your child on a given day.


  1. Ask the facility what its policy is on strangers or unauthorised persons who may enter the facility. Do they have any kind of security measure when someone who other than a parent, or do not have custody or the right to a child enrolled in the centre, presents themselves? What’s the protocol? What would they do?


You want your child to have a pleasant and fun experience at his first daycare/childcare centre Adelaide. By asking questions and doing some research, you can be sure that they will be in a safe and secure environment.