Choosing the Ideal Tiles for your Floor

The purchase of new tiles for your floor at home or building requires careful consideration of several factors. You want to pick tiles Adelaide which durability and resilience. Likewise, you need something that will complement the look of your interior.

Since there are many kinds to choose from, you could find yourself overwhelmed right away. But you don’t need to spend countless hours to find the best option available. All you must do is consider these things:

1 – Wear Rating

26 300x169 - Choosing the Ideal Tiles for your FloorIt is essential to consider the tile’s durability. It should have a durable wear rating that ensures that it will look and function properly. The level of wear your floor is subjected to depends on the area you’re applying it to and how much you use it. You also must consider how susceptible it is on collecting dirt. Class 0 is the one you must avoid for floor installation. Class 1 is for light traffic and for people who wear soft slippers. Class 2 is for living rooms, while Class 3 is for floors with significant foot traffic. Classes 4 and 5 are for commercial areas and heavy foot traffic.

2 – Resistance to Slip and Stain

Choose tiles that aren’t only with a low water absorption rate, but with the proper stain resistance to ensure that it continues to look great while resisting moisture. That way, you won’t have to worry about permanent staining or having to regularly clean after a few spills.

Stain resistance of your tiles would vary, depending on the capacity of its moisture resistance. The ones with low water absorption without the sealers would have better stain resistance and longer service life, as well as ease of cleaning.

It is best to look for tiles Adelaide that are slip resistance to avoid any accidents, especially if you are using it for high-traffic areas with children, the elderly, or disabled people.

3 – Support for Heavy Weight

If you plan to install Aurees Tiles on a high-traffic area or for commercial rooms, then it’s best to consider its overall support and how much weight it can handle. You wouldn’t want it to end up getting damaged after applying much pressure onto it when carrying heavy materials or from frequent stepping.

Look into tiles that have the high-point-load capacity and the bending strength to carry weight you put on it quickly. You must choose those thick tiles since they can accommodate heavy loads.

4 – Size, Colour, and Patterns

Finally, consider the type of design and patterns you want for your Aurees Tiles. You can choose between bold colours or patterns. If you select large tiles, it will make your living area appear more spacious, while small tiles will make it look intimate.

If you remember all those factors once you begin shopping for tiles for your floor, then it wouldn’t be that much of a burden to find the best available product.