The 3 Qualities You Should Be Looking for When Shopping for Kids Shoes

A child’s feet are as delicate as a feather. We know we’re exaggerating, but we just want you to understand the importance of choosing the right type of shoes for your kid. A young child’s feet are still soft and weak since it’s still developing. That’s why when it comes to choosing the right shoes for him or her, you need to make sure that it’s the right pair.  When shopping for kid’s shoes at SpendLess, make sure you look for these three essential qualities:


Soft and Thin Soles

A child’s bones and muscles are still pretty fragile. That’s any added pressure to their still-developing feet can result in unwanted deformities. Also, if your child is less than a year old, you should let them wear shoes yet. Doctors don’t advise having infants wearing shoes as it can result in premature deformities. For children two to five years, consider shoes that have flat and thin soles. That way, the shoe will be the one to adjust to the shape of your child’s feet, instead of the other way around. Ensure that your child’s shoe is soft and thin enough for them to move around without restrictions.


Flexible Build

Also, make sure that the pair of kids shoes you buy is flexible enough to accommodate the shape and size and shape of your child’s feet. Kids tend to curl their toes when wearing their shoes, especially when the shoes are too stiff. So make sure you discourage him from doing that by going for soft and flexible shoes. Check out SpendLess today for all the latest high-quality kids shoes. You can also talk to one of our customer representatives for more tips.



159 200x300 - The 3 Qualities You Should Be Looking for When Shopping for Kids ShoesYou probably have the idea by now that the main ingredient of the ideal pair of shoes for your child is ‘comfort.’ A lightweight shoe checks that category since it will ensure that your child won’t have a hard time walking in them. By going for light shoes, your child can play and move without any form of restriction. It will also ensure that your child will walk naturally, instead of trying to adjust to the weight of the shoes.


There are tons of high-quality shoes over at SpendLess! So what are you waiting for? Buy a pair today, and we’ll make sure you get the best shoe for your precious little darling.