The 3 Top New Home Designs Adelaide Trends for 2019

2019 has been a blast so far in terms of home design. We’ve been treated to a lot of stylishly new home designs that have been resonating with consumers who are looking for something fresh and new. We’re through with the rehashes and dust-offs from previous years. It’s time for a change. Fortunately, 2019 didn’t disappoint. This year showcased some of the top new home designs Adelaide trends that will be remembered for a long time. So with that said, here are three of the best home design trends that have really caught our attention.


The “She Shed”

We’ve all heard about men and their man caves that were built with passion and pride. Whether it be in the garage, basement, or any extra room, a man cave is the gents’ special part of the house. But that leaves us to question, ‘what about the women? Do they deserve their own, personal space?’ Designers have been luring women with a big kitchen, a spacious laundry room, or mudroom. However, some women want a small nook to call their personal space. That’s why it paved the way for the “she shed” to come into play. This simple little structure outside your yard is usually used to store gardening tools. But now, it can be turned into that special space for the special girl at home. Click here to learn more about it.


A Dark Home Exterior

Another one of the top new home designs Adelaide trends features a dark home exterior. You don’t usually see this back then since most home designs often have light-coloured exterior walls. But now, with the diverse options available, you now have the opportunity to paint your outer walls in black or any dark colour. To prevent it from drowning entirely in dark tones, you can add some light accent colours like white, beige, and more. It gives a whole new perspective to home design and paves the way for more open and diverse possibilities.


Defined Open Space

05 300x188 - The 3 Top New Home Designs Adelaide Trends for 2019People just can’t get enough space inside their homes. That’s why 2019, designers took it up a notch and added some more space in crucial areas such as the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and even the bathroom. There’s just something about open spaces that makes a house less constricting, and it’s showing some value in this year’s home design trends. Think about wide areas and high ceilings. We’re pretty much sure that you’re tired of seeing the television blaring across the entire house. With a wide and open space, you’ll see less of that.


For more of the top new home designs Adelaide trends, click here. You can also talk to a professional designer to get help and inspiration.