Introducing the El USB 4 – Everything You Need to Know About the Four-Channel Data Logger

If you’re looking for a powerful data logger that can store as much data readings as it can, then you should consider the El USB 4, four-channel data logger. This version can measure and store up to 32,000 current loop readings over a measurement range of four to 20 mA. Setting up this data logger is easy and can get you to start your recordings as soon as you can.


Introducing the 4-Channel Data Logger


62 - Introducing the El USB 4 - Everything You Need to Know About the Four-Channel Data LoggerYou can set up the start time and logging rate and download the stored data by connecting the data logger into a PC via USB port when running the purpose-designed software. You can then graph the data, print it and export to other applications. The El USB 4 also features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery pack. A flashing of red and green LED is an indication of correct or incorrect functioning. It will be discussed later. The 4-channel data logger also features a pair of screw terminals and comes with a set of measurement leads in crocodile clips.


Here’s a List of its Main Features, with the ones already mentioned:


  • 4-20mA Current Loop Measurement Range
  • Stores up to 32,000 readings
  • Logging rates between 1-s and 12hr
  • Connection via two screw terminals
  • USB Interface for Set-up, Data Download, and file exporting
  • User-Programmable alarm threshold
  • Red and Green LED status indicator
  • Replaceable Lithium-ion battery



LED Flashing Modes


As said earlier, the 4-channel data logger features both a red and Green LED status indicator. By default, “Hold” is disabled. The red light in this mode will not continue to flash once the logged reading has returned to normal from an alarm condition. The “hold” can be turned on using the control software. In this mode, red LED light indicates an alarm condition will continue to flash, even after the logged reading has returned to normal. This feature will notify you that the alarm level has been exceeded, without the need to download the data from El USB 4.


Here’s a short list of the indications in detail:


  • Green single light flashing for ten seconds indicates that the logger is currently logging. It has no alarm.
  • Green single flash for twenty seconds means that the data is currently recording. It still has no alarm. However, the battery is running low and should be replaced before logging important data.
  • Red single flash for ten seconds signals that the data logger is currently logging in low alarm.
  • Red single flash for twenty seconds indicates that the data logger is currently logging data in low alarm, but the battery is low and will need to be replaced.


For a full light of these LED status indications, refer to the article on our website of the same topic. You can also purchase El USB 4 from us. Visit our official online store and shop for the best data loggers.