What Are Everscents Organic Hair Care Products?

Ever Escents is an innovative natural and pure plant-based Organic hair care collection that is plant-based, combining them with the great Australian environment. Ever Escents was founded by Melvyn DeVilliers in 1995 with the primary aim of creating an organic hair care line to promote healthy hair and a healthier lifestyle. Ever Escents is internationally recognized as a specialist natural health brand offering organic skincare, haircare, and makeup products. The range comprises various skincare product categories such as Cleansers, Conditioners, Hairdressing Masks, Makeup Stains, Natural Skincare, Oils, Creams, Fruits, Vitamins, Herbal Therapy and Tea. Each specific product in this collection has its unique selling points and benefits for your hair.

Article 306 300x197 - What Are Everscents Organic Hair Care Products?The Cleanser range of products includes cleansers for the whole body, including body wash, moisturizers and body lotions. There are two main technologies in use for these cleansers: steam and dry cleaning technology. Steam cleaning removes dirt and even grime, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh. However, it can be harsh on sensitive or more delicate skin. Dry cleaning technology removes excess moisture without damaging the natural shine and strength of the hair and scalp.

One of the most commonly purchased categories within the Cleanser range is called “Shampoo.” It is the second most bought product in the Everscents Organic Hair Care range, and by HairGang is designed to clean, rinse and condition hair, providing a natural shine and protection from the elements. The cleansers are complemented by an assortment of natural oils, which help to add moisture, deep cleanse, and enhance the hair’s natural oils. In addition, the Shampoo is free from any harmful chemicals and synthetic chemicals. It provides a lightweight, silky feel to your hair, leaving it feeling great and looking incredible!

The “conditioner bases” include the “Root Lotion” and” Booster serum.” The Root Lotion is used to give the hair conditioning treatment and prevent breakage, while the Booster is used to restore lost oils and moisture to the hair. These conditioner bases are full of nourishing and refreshing botanicals such as Aloe Vera, Aluminium Chloride, Vitamin E and other natural plant-based oils. The booster serum contains Vitamin C, B5 and essential fatty acids. It leaves the hair conditioned, nourished and ready to fall in style.

There are four different categories of Everscents Shampoo by HairGang, which all use an emulsifier such as the Emulsifier Purity Serum. In my opinion, these natural shampoo and conditioner bases are the best ones on the market. I have been using Everscents Shampoo products by HairGang for over a year now, and I keep getting compliments on how clean my hair is and how healthy it looks. If you haven’t tried them, I would recommend trying some of the organic shampoos. The only word of warning is that you may have to wait for them to absorb completely before trying them.