Three Horrible Shoe Styles You Need to Stop Buying Immediately

We all know that men have a diverse set of shoes that can fit with any occasion or event. However, there are also some Spend Less men’s shoes that look horrible, especially when you wear them at this time and age. Yes, we’re currently in an era where old and new fashion meet, but the shoes on this list are just absolutely awkward and out-of-trend. So to ensure that you won’t make the mistake of actually wearing these shoes, we’ve listed them down below to make sure that you avoid them as much as you can:


The ‘White Malaka’ Wedding Tapper

83 300x216 - Three Horrible Shoe Styles You Need to Stop Buying ImmediatelyThese classics are prolific during the 90s. Unfortunately, they should’ve stayed in that era. Some avid fans of the Malaka wedding tapper, however, are trying to give it a comeback. However, the people are just not having it, as it’s awkward-looking head is not ideal in today’s taste. It’s still showing at today’s wedding celebrations and even in inner city night clubs. So if you don’t want to be called a 90s Malaka wearer, make sure you avoid this pair as much as you can. Click here to get a list of fantastic shoes you can wear.


The Square-Toe Business Shoe

We can guarantee that you will not be able to close any business deals while wearing this pair. It’s even quite laughable that the square-toe business shoe even had a fashionable moment – which was back in 1995 when it made sense to wear one. Aesthetics-wise, the square-toe shoe looks like a boat trawler. Pair it with a chic business suit, and it will immediately become the main attraction of your entire get up. So make sure you avoid that by avoiding this shoe.



The Casual Kung Fu Slipper

Not to be sexist, but these slip-on still look great when worn by women. For men, however, they look very off. They’re pretty standard among hipsters and hippies. But if you aren’t one, then it will not work for you. Plus, it also falls apart quickly since it’s made of low-quality materials. So best avoid this and look for better Spend Less men’s shoes to wear.


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