Beans Talk: Coffee Facts for a Bittersweet Drinker

Coffee is one of the most essential commodities around the world. Statistics reveal that every day there are over 2 billion coffee cups consumed worldwide, a record that solidifies coffee as a key player in economic growth in many countries.

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When speaking in terms beyond the economy and global markets, it is undeniable that coffee products are getting more and more popular as the years pass. In fact, coffee demand paved the way for technological innovations such as SA coffee machines to be manufactured.


If the consumption numbers aren’t impressive enough, here are some of the most mind-blowing facts about coffee beans and the coffee industry as a whole that will surely make your day!


Second Best


Despite coffee being a massively popular commodity in regions across the world, it is only the second most purchased and traded product. You would never guess what commodity coffee has yet to beat: oil.


As exciting as it can get, coffee has also fallen behind water in the world’s most popular beverage list. This fact is not as unbelievable as the first one, though! It would rock the world if beer came in first before water and coffee.


South America and Asia Dominating the Market


The list of top 5 countries that produce coffee shows Brazil sitting comfortably on top of the world in coffee production while Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia follow close behind at second, third, and fourth place respectively. Ethiopia, an African country rounds out the five.


Bean Wars


Two most powerful coffee beans in the world have been trying to overtake the other in fame and glory: Arabica and Robusta. These coffee beans are the most commonly used among coffee mix producers, homeowners, and office workers. The war has yet to end at this point.


Easy Coffee


Thanks to the brilliant mind of Melitta Bentz, who came up with the idea of reliable SA coffee machines in 1908, our generation and those to come can create a quick cup of coffee within minutes. While Bentz was the mind behind the first drip coffee maker (Melitta), ancient people in Turkey already brewed coffee sometime in 575 A.D.



Herding Discovery


Last but not the least in our list is the legend that coffee was discovered by a goat herder named Kaldi who reportedly noticed that his goats were “extra” active and lively when they ate coffee beans. Some experts doubt that the story is true, but many coffee sites still recognise Kaldi as the rightful discovery guy behind one of the most precious commodities today.


If you’re a coffee-loving adventurer who just can’t live without a cup of brewed beans, get a high-quality coffee machine from your local provider today!