Why Is There a Need for Regular Vehicle Servicing?

175 300x225 - Why Is There a Need for Regular Vehicle Servicing?Regardless of you being a first-time vehicle owner or someone who has been switching to different makes and models for the past decade, the thing is it is your responsibility to embrace regular vehicle servicing. Taking your car to a BMW service Adelaide is not merely an option, but a necessity. Below are some helpful hints on why you should do it religiously:

1 – It is about the warranty.

Arguably the most compelling reason why vehicles must be regularly serviced is that it is a means to protect the manufacturer’s warranty. If you bought a new car, you are bound by the agreement and contract to have the services carried out in pre-determined intervals. You cannot skip a preventive maintenance schedule because doing so will invalidate the warranty. If you do not have the manufacturer’s warranty and you discover a factory defect, you may no longer have the right to claim it.

2 – It is about keeping your car in excellent condition.

Vehicles come with many mechanical components and parts, most of which need lubricants and oil for them to work. Likewise, the cabin and engine need filters to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. The only way for you to guarantee to replace lubricants and filters is by going to a BMW service Adelaide so that qualified mechanics can perform regular maintenance services. Doing so will ensure that the engine is in tiptop condition and the rest of the vehicle is in excellent working order.

3 – It is about safety, too.

Aside from keeping the warranty and the car’s condition, the reason to embrace regular servicing for your vehicle is that you want to ensure the safety of you and your family while you are travelling. You know for a fact that driving a car with lots of problems will put everyone at risk, especially when the issue has something to do with the brake system. You should go to a qualified auto repair service to have your brakes and other safety features examined. Regular servicing will guarantee that potential safety issues are addressed right before you drive your car for a long trip ahead. For more practical safety tips, go to this link.

4 – It is about maintaining and protecting the value of the vehicle.

You intend to have your vehicle regularly serviced because you do not want its value to go down the drain quickly. Even a new car will depreciate the moment you drive it out of the dealership. But it does not mean you do not take care of it since you know it eventually will depreciate. If you are a responsible owner, you will understand that the act of buying a vehicle is an investment. Therefore, you must do everything to protect that investment. Regular servicing will give you a much better chance of selling the car at a reasonable price, especially if you can show its full-service history and maintenance record to the potential buyer. It is an effective way of showing that you took care of it.