What to Know When Installing Heavy Duty Farm Gates

Many rural properties rely on old, rickety farm gates to keep yards and paddocks sectioned off. While this offers a visual barrier, choosing to use farm fencing materials that are not strong or durable will cause problems later. Besides the risk of your livestock finding their way out of their enclosed paddocks, there is also the risk of injuries. Opening farm gates Adelaide that does not swing open easily can cause back and shoulder injuries.


43 300x199 - What to Know When Installing Heavy Duty Farm GatesAs old wooden farm gates begin to age, they become brittle and can warp over time, making them difficult to use effectively. This can increase the maintenance costs, and this will be costly on your side as the property owner. Therefore, you should always choose strong farm gates and other fencing materials to ensure that you maintain the security of your farm. Here are tips to help you when selecting the right farm gates Adelaide.


Longevity and Durability


When choosing farm gates, you should be looking for those that are strong enough to stop animals from pushing through them. Also, you have to ensure that the materials used for fencing will not cause harm or injuries to your livestock. You should be looking for farm gates made from materials that can withstand the harsh weather elements without breaking, warping, rusting or even falling apart. In this case, you should consider getting galvanised steel gates because they are rust resistant. Steel is also very durable, and you can rest assured that your gate and other fencing materials will stand the test of time. You will as well spend less when it comes to maintenance.


Practical Usage


Farm gates installed across wide gate openings can prove difficult to open and close on some properties. This is true if the gate is mounted across a paddock area where there are no driveways or dirt tracks across them. Opening a gate across weed or thick grass is almost impossible – you need to put in lots of effort. It is very much possible to have wider farm gates Adelaide with roller wheels to make closing and opening easier. It is also possible to have a custom gate that suits your driveway needs. For example, rather than opt for an all-steel tubular construction, a broader and heavier gate might use steel framework for support, but use steel wiring to keep the animals in. This will reduce the weight without reducing the effectiveness and strength of the gate.



Professional Installation


Although it seems easy to order and install a farm gate, you should keep in mind that this is not a DIY job. For instance, when installing a massive farm gate, you need to have enough workforce as well as specialised equipment and tools to keep you safe. Without these tools and experience, you will cause injuries. On the other hand, when you hire farm gates Adelaide experts, they will visit your site equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for the project. They have the experience, and so you can be sure they will handle the project professionally and within no time.