The Things You’re Compelled to Consider in Buying a New Air Conditioner

Australia’s summer season can be quite harsh. And the only excellent way of beating this extreme heat is through the installation and use of air conditioning equipment. Although we tend not to use the AC every day, keep in mind that it is something that the majority of us can’t live without for the most part.


The importance of a working system is undeniable, whether you are utilising central air or a window air conditioner. However, you must know that not all air conditioners available in the market are created equal. Thus, ensure that you look at these following things first if you are about to look for AirwareSales Air Conditioner Sale.


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The number of rooms you are planning to cool is one of the factors you must consider. If you are after cooling only one or two rooms, window unit air conditioners are an excellent solution. While, for cooling an entire home, central air is best.


  1. Cooling Capacity


British Thermal Units (BTUs) is used in measuring the cooling capacity of the appliance. You should look for an air conditioner that has a BTU level that suits your space. Take note that if your BTU level is too low, the unit will run continuously with great effort to cool large space. If this happens, you can expect your energy bills to skyrocket. While having too high BTU level, on the other hand, will make the unit turn off even before it can fully cool and dehumidify the space. So throughout the room, it will cause inconsistent temperatures.


  1. Energy Efficiency


A unit with an Energy Star certification is what you must look for when shopping. Compared to standard models, these air conditioners use 10% less energy. Additionally, you must know and understand about Energy Efficiency ratio (EER) measurement. It is an element that can help tell you about how many BTUs are used per watt of power. Keep in mind that the higher the EER, the more efficient the unit will be.


  1. Installation


Ensure that your home’s electrical system can fully support your chosen air conditioner. In the appliance specifications, the electrical requirements for the cooling system are indicated. A 220-volt circuit is what more powerful air conditioners may require. So if you don’t have one of these in our home, you must hire a licensed technician that can install one for you professionally.

  1. Maintenance


Now and then, air conditioning units require maintenance. It is to ensure that they remain in excellent condition. Eventually, these units will accumulate dirt, dust and all kinds of debris. If you fail to clean the appliance, its filters will clog which will hinder the unit from being effective. Thus, at least once a year, you must ensure to clean your cooling system.


Therefore, be sure to consult an expert or professional when you begin your search for a new AirwareSales Air Conditioner Sale.