Useful Wedding Makeup Ideas You Should Try

A wedding is a celebration of love and partnership, not just a ceremony by which two people vow to spend their lives together in marriage but is a ceremony wherein the couple would ask for God’s blessings upon a marriage before him. In a wedding, there’s no better feeling than seeing your bridal look coming together. Aside from the wedding gown to be worn, it is better to decide upon the perfect wedding makeup choice for your big day. Do you want to look different from your usual look or do you prefer to look more natural as you walk down the aisle?

04 300x196 - Useful Wedding Makeup Ideas You Should TryMake Your Wedding Day Special

The wedding is a marathon and not a sprint. Because of this, you’ll want your wedding makeup to hold up through every last photo, dance, toast, and selfie. That makes a primer essential: just spread it to your face and eyelids after cleansing and moisturising, then top with a foundation to create a smooth base. Apply everything in a thin and even layers that go with blush, translucent powder, highlighter, and lipstick too. Use a lip liner, put on your lipstick, blot, add more lipstick, blot, and add more lipstick. This process seals to a perfect wedding makeup that could last longer.

Useful Wedding Makeup Tips

Aside from having a wedding makeup that could last longer. Here are the wedding makeup tips that will make your day more memorable in your entire life: Choose a mascara that’s waterproof, it can last longer, and it can withstand tears. If you don’t like the look or you don’t feel it, you can use one coat of regular mascara, then follow up with a light layer of waterproof mascara. If your wedding will be held at daytime, it is best to have charcoal, navy, or mahogany, for your eyeliner.

If you have light skin, choose a white shadow as a highlighter on your brow bone. In outlining your eyes, avoid using a colour that’s too dense. Match the colour of your brows with the colour of your hair by using a pencil or shadow. Don’t forget your blush! For fairer skin, the pink tone will work, and those who have a darker skin tone can choose a rosier hue. If you are faced with a sudden monstrous pimple, see your dermatologist and ask for a cortisone injection that will shrink it instantly.

Important Tip

Since cameras pick up visible makeup lines, blend well all over, especially at the corners of your eyes. If you’re getting married outdoors, use a moisturiser that has an SPF of 30 or higher. Choose a lip colour that’s a bit bright. Pale nude or brown lip hues can make you appear like washed out in photos.

Always Make the Most of Your Makeup

Finally, be sure to have one great lipstick to carry with you for touch-ups and head to a local spa and have a professional scalp massage, which not only feels good but stimulates hair follicles and deep conditioning treatment the week before your wedding. Keep all these tips in mind, and you will surely have the best makeup for your wedding.