Top 5 Glass Door Designs for Bedrooms

During a renovation project in the home, the bedroom door is one of the major aspects of thought that homeowners should put a lot of consideration into. If you’re looking into door options for your renovation, you may want to consider Glass Doors & Installations Adelaide.


When it comes to door types, there are several factors you have to consider. To help you with the decision-making process, here are the top five most popular choices among Australian homeowners.


  1. Sliding, Frameless


Sliding glass doors are classy and elegant in every way. You can ask your installer about frameless doors that will make your room entry more exciting each time. There are also different styles to choose from, such as those with LED lights or semi-transparent designs that could illuminate your hallway. The said designs will eliminate the need for a lamp since light from the hall can serve as dim lighting for your room.


  1. Tinted Doors


Tinted glass doors work best for people who want minimalist designs. Ask your Glass Doors & Installations Adelaide expert if they can create abstract designs so your entrances won’t be dull or plain-looking. You can also inject more life by opting for white frames.


  1. 34 - Top 5 Glass Door Designs for BedroomsFrost Doors


You may have seen this style in offices or executive rooms. Frosted glass doors are suitable for bedrooms with a room extension. For example, you can install these doors on the wall that divides your bedroom and the room of your child or elderly. Frosted doors also have the sliding function so you can easily access the other room if your loved one needs you.


  1. Artsy Doors


Yes! Due to the improvements in the construction and glass-making sectors, you can now turn your doors into pieces of art. Depending on the design you want, you can have a portrait of yourself or someone you admire plastered on the glass door. You can also add other improvements, such as lights and technological features.


  1. Double Glass


If you’re someone who is more traditional in terms of interior designs, you can have double glass doors installed for your bedroom. Wood frames are popular choices for these doors. You can also have them installed on the entryway to your veranda so you can enjoy the view outside.


Glass doors are a mainstay in the construction industry. Beyond bedroom renovations, you can also have glass installed for your front door, bath area, storage, basement, and just about any other space in the home.


For more designs, consult with your provider. You can also go for a customised plan that will reflect your taste and personality.